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:mjoy:Yay ! the opportunity to make a monologue on why I love fat girls amoureux 2WTF !?I mean, yeah, sure, serious face.fume

On a human note :

Because they are girls and I'm a straight guy.
Yeah, nothing more complicated than that. I have the deep conviction whatever rules this world made men with different preferences so that every existing kind of girl could be loved. Like ice cream ! You can't love every flavor but every flavor is someone's favorite, you can't possibly limit your tastes to only one and you'll look like an asshole if you say that nobody likes a particular flavor because it's "weird".
(also personality and stuff, I'm talking about a specific body type, don't talk about something else)

On a physical note :


We'll all agree that men likes boobies (don't make this more complicated), they like the way if moves, jiggle, bounce and their soft squishiness. But what's a boob ? mammary tissue with fat, and bigger boobs are only fatter boobs (so it's not the mammary tissue).
I never quite understood why boobs were attractive and the belly wasn't, it's also smooth, round and bouncy and feels soft when you squish it, so why ?
In my eyes, all the attractiveness of boobies is the attractiveness of fat : bellies, loves handles, back rolls, booty, tights, they are all a delight of flesh that I can't stop staring at while drolling and wanting for squish they softness.
From head to toe, each curve on a fat girl's body is a delight.

On an artistic note :

The wonderful thing is, fat girls aren't a body type by themselves...they are merely a category. Thighs, ass, back rolls, love handles, belly, boobs, double chins...from a woman to another, their size and shape can vary from zero to infinity ! :mhyp2:Each fat girl is unique, each fat girl is a work of Art made by mother nature on the theme of femininity ! It's splendid, it's passionate, it's enchanting and oh fucking yes, they are all beautiful. You can't, you simply can't have the same body shape of another fat girl, YOU CAN'T !! I could give you all time and space and you wouldn't be able to find two identical fat girls \O_O/ Words are meaningless in front of the endless admiration I have for fat girls, seriously, I'm too amazed by how femininity can express itself on every inch of skin. And if you add this to the other many ways a woman can be unique, you'll die drooling thinking about the astronomical number of gorgeous woman that can exist.


In a world where society tries to standardize women, those women are proud of their unique, controversial bodies, damn I admire those women ♥

I'm just an admirer madly in love with your cosmical majesty at being women sanji tornado

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-I have all the fetish in the world as long as it concerns a woman
-Banned from DA for trolling trolls and thinking that Art isn't about money and copyrights ^^ and now I'm back because mods aren't as stupid as user who pretend to do their jobs 3

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